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Cloud Nine Cables

The cable used in C9-M1.0, C9-M1.1, C9-M1.2,C9-L1.0, C9-L1.1 and C9-L1.2 Cloud 9 hair straighteners is unlike any cable used in other brands of hair straightener. It has a universal joint type fitting which seems to be very reliable as we very rarely see them fail.

Replacement cables are available here - C9 Cable.

One common issue is that there is a tiny pin and spring assembly which locates into the end of the cable to make contact with the cable-connector centre terminal. If you dismantle the cable be very careful not to loose this spring and pin as it will not work reliably without it!

Touch (C9-T1.0) irons have the same cable fitting as used in 'type 1' ghds, but you need to be careful you get a cable that has a 45 degree bend, else it will clash with the casing when rotated:


The information provided on this website is intended for use by people competent at repairing electrical products. If you are not confident about carrying out a safe and reliable repair, please consider our repair service. To state the obvious... Irons repaired incorrectly can be very dangerous!


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